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    how to prioritize and make values-aligned decisions

    To make choices that align your decision to your values and capacity, here are three things to consider:

    1. Values: revisit your values and what is at the root of why this decision is important to you.
    2. Alignment: determine whether it matches your goals, purpose, and mission.
    3. Resources: measure the time, money, and energy it’ll take.

    The full framework is available here.


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    investing in doers

    Forcing velocity in a time of retreat further exacerbates the great resignation. The most meaningful and measurable progress, transformation, and growth for people, organizations, and companies can only happen at the rate of humility, connection, and reflection. We need to meet our employees, colleagues, partners, funders, clients, and community members where they are — not where we want them to be. It is a time of deep grief, change, and reflection — our interactions with each other need to reflect that. Focus on transformation not transaction.


    See the full post.
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    what is a healing leader?

    The short answer is someone who’s actively working on doing less harm. Today is a milestone birthday for me, and I am reflecting on my decades of experience from public service, to startups, political campaigns, and now management consulting and executive coaching. Here are some of the lessons and frameworks I’m reflecting on of the wide range of ways leaders fail themselves, their teams, and the impact they can create — and how some of them have managed to turn it all around.


    I’ve worked with some talented and externally successful people and teams. The pattern I’ve witnessed, and what I’m focusing on this year, is the concept of a healing leader — someone who’s simultaneously doing the inner work of deepening their knowledge and connection to themselves as they transform their communities, stakeholders, products, services, and teams. The following five themes cut across hundreds of stories and interactions and creates a pathway from harmful and toxic leaders toward reparative leadership and collective healing. The results are profound and immediately visible. Try it out and let me know how it goes for you.

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    tools of the trade

    1. One-Page Strategic Plan from Hive
      A one-stop shop to get all your planning in one place.
    2. The Four Laws of Behavior Change from James Clear
      Applying the habits framework to your business.
    3. The 7 Forms of Respect from Dr. Julie Pham
      Give your team a language in setting norms to help achieve your shared goals.
    4. The 50 Most Powerful Life Hacks from Sahil Bloom
      An overview and brainstorming list of ways to reset.
    5. A Primer at the Intersection of Work + Well Being from Liz Tran
      A former VC, Liz's podcast provides ways to connect and lead centering our humanity and inner work.