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    The Vietnamese word, làm đi, translates to "work it".
    Behind every great idea that moves us forward, there are key moments of launch, transition and scale.

    In today's professional context, what it takes to go and do the work is nuanced, complex, and difficult to navigate.

    We are here to partner with you to work through it in your chapters on launch, transition, and scale chapters


    how we work

    We provide space for our clients to "be" while they "do" the work. 

    • We center relationships over transactions, we prioritize 1:1 engagement with individuals in alignment with their teams.
    • We have a long-term commitment to our clients, working in close partnership toward systems change not one-time band-aid solutions.
    • We exist to support you as you ideate, transition, launch, and scale the next chapter of your journey.

    The way of the future is to build and define a supportive infrastructure to recruit, retain, and support an inclusive workforce and economic ecosystem.

    • We support individuals, businesses, organizations, and initiatives to launch and transition with all this in mind because we believe it is mission-critical for businesses of the present and future.
    • With over two decades working across public, private, non-profit, and philanthropic sectors — we partner with you to successfully navigate your next chapter.



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