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    The Vietnamese word, làm đi, translates to "work it".
    Behind every great idea that moves us forward, there are critical moments of launch, transition, and scale.

    In today's professional context, what it takes to go and do the work is nuanced, complex, and difficult to navigate.

    We are here to partner with you to work through your most challenging pivots.


    how we work

    1. We provide space for our clients to "be" while they "do" the work. We center relationships over transactions and support you as you go inward and deepen your purpose, goals, and vision. We set the space, time, and context to help you pause, step back, and look inward to align individual purpose, skills, and experience to organizational goals within each person from institutional leadership to the newest team member.


    2. We work in collaboration and in community. We center inclusive, community, and stakeholder-centered approaches, with systems-wide impacts in mind because we believe it is mission-critical for businesses of the present and future. We are intersectional and cross-sector experts with deep and expansive experiences and geographies from lived-experience communities, to academic researchers, and C-suite executives. With deep roots and wider branches, our expert facilitators, coaches, and conveners will meet you and your team where you are to transition and support you to where you plan to be whether it's updating your strategic plan, adding capacity, or support setting boundaries and priorities to existing goals.  


    3. We follow through from ideation to implementation. We leverage a global network of strategists, managers, executives, funders, facilitators, designers, and committed partners ready to mobilize to ideate, amplify, and catalyze your brainstorming and implementation plans. With decades working across public, private, non-profit, and philanthropic sectors — we partner with you to successfully navigate your next chapter whether it's through a hiring and recruiting plan or helping you get the word out about a new role, strategy, or program. We do this by sharing trusted and proven frameworks, strategies, mental models, perspectives, and connections to align your capacity and strategies throughout your entire journey.



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