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    We'll support you to get there.

    The Vietnamese word, làm đi, translates to "work it".


    We are a boutique strategic management consultancy, executive search, and executive coaching studio supporting people behind impactful ideas. In today's professional context, what it takes to go and do the work is nuanced, complex, and difficult to navigate. We are here to partner with you through your most challenging pivots.

  • What We Do

    Adding capacity to boost your capabilities.

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    Executive Coaching

    •  We support you in doing the inner work so you can create your biggest impact. Our signature three-hour life design session is where we begin to prioritize, set goals, and plan for your transition.
    • We provide frameworks to launch your next great idea from ideation to implementation. From C-Suite executives at tech companies, moms returning to the workforce, and nonprofit leaders looking to shift industries, we catalyze your vision and turn them into actionable plans to launch companies and organizations.
    • We are your biggest ally, accountability partner, and cheerleader through your most challenging chapters.
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    Executive Search

    •  We activate leaders in alignment with your mission, vision, and values. We prioritize candidates traditionally underestimated for leadership opportunities and are extensive in our research and exhaustive in our outreach.
    • We support you through all phases of a search: needs assessment, candidate research, candidate outreach, candidate evaluation, candidate presentation, candidate selection, offer negotiation, onboarding, and follow-up.
    • We center relationships and see hiring as an opportunity to share the values and mission of your organization as an extension of your brand and impact.
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    Management Consulting

    • We add executive capacity — imagine us as the thought partner and extra pair of hands you wish you had to get things done. We help you center, stay focused, and be organized as you make big shifts in your organization.
    • We provide operational support, go-to-market frameworks, fundraising strategy, narrative framing, business development, public and civic engagement, network mapping, recruiting strategy, and operational plans.
    • We help you to prioritize your energy. We understand that your time is your most valuable asset and we help you make the best use of it to reach your organizational goals.
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    Meet Mỹ Tâm

    I'm a serial social entrepreneur focusing on systems change with more than two decades of experience supporting people behind impactful ideas in entrepreneurship, finance, and philanthropy to launch, transition, and scale.


    Connecting sectors to transform cities, companies, national initiatives, and global humanitarian efforts is where I thrive from modular housing to homelessness and fintech, immigrant integration to economic development strategies for refugees, and providing education to youth and women in collapsed democracies. I've been at the forefront of launching and implementing practical innovations that meet the needs of those who are historically left out of opportunities and resources.


    My lived experience in low-income housing and food instability in the U.S., deep poverty in Vietnam, and as a cancer survivor in my 20's informs my work in healing leadership, cultivating transformational systems change in government, startups, and non-profits across the U.S. and in Europe.


    Outside of work, I read 200+ books a year, am happiest in warm tropical water, an avid gardener and home cook, and a devoted friend, daughter, proud auntie, and regular farmers' market shopper. A graduate of the Harvard Graduate School of Design & the University of Washington, I sit on the boards and councils for UW Press, the Share Fund, and JustFund.
  • How We Work


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  • Who We Work With

    We are inspired by you and find joy in collaboration.

    Leaders & Entrepreneurs

    We add executive capacity to clarify competing priorities and urgent demands from operations, hiring, and marketing to biz dev, team alignment, and fundraising as you launch, transition, or scale. We work with laid-off individuals, moms reentering the workforce, entrepreneurs launching their first venture, and seasoned executives looking for align their team dynamics.

    Creatives & Authors

    We speak the language and understand the needs of creative professionals, authors, and their teams to provide comprehensive support. From designers and writers to makers, we're well-seasoned at listening, developing, and implementing your vision to align with your impact and goals.

    Principals & Managing Directors

    The finance, investment, and philanthropic industries are transforming rapidly to be more equitable, inclusive, and accessible: from launching your own family office to reflect climate and social justice and ESG principles, to developing strategies or recruiting at Ivy League schools for a more diverse summer associates program for your firm, we have a plan and a framework to get you to meet the needs of today.

  • Client Characteristics

    Who we are is just as important as what we do.

    Systems Thinker

    Commitment to long term transformational change. Consideration and understands the impacts  and effects of decisions, strategy, and allocation on impacted stakeholders. Informs stakeholders of potential shifts.

    Operates with Integrity

    Unquestionable moral integrity and character: track record of values-based work and results. 

    Impact Driven

    Prioritizes shifting inequalities and generational gaps in wealth, access, and opportunity.

    Agile & Innovative

    Willing to ideate, experiment, and iterate. Open to testing approaches driven by data from the team and stakeholder analysis and assessment.

    Determined & Rigorous

    Fiercely ambitious doers who are committed to seeing their ideas through implementation and exceeding their goals while being aligned with their purpose, vision, mission, and values.

  • We look forward to adding capacity, connectedness, and depth of engagement to you and your team.


    What support do you need to root from as you lead?

    Let's grow, together.