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    Making magic happen across systems at scale.

    From a Vietnamese fishing village to chemo, the Governor's office, Harvard, and Fortune 100 companies - my journey is improbable and possible only in our time. My lived experience in low-income housing, deep poverty, and food instability has informed my work in systems change in government, startups, and non-profits across the U.S. and in Europe. From modular housing to homelessness and fintech, immigrant integration to economic development strategies for refugees, I've been at the forefront in launching and implementing practical innovations that meet the needs of those who are historically left out of opportunities and resources.


    I've spent a lifetime learning from and partnering with communities, founders, and leaders. I bring all of this experience and my entire network to my work with you, and I only say yes to clients who are working on national and global issues tackling systems problems at scale, not band-aid solutions. This means I'm committed to you, your team, and the work we do together, and am relentless in bringing all of my backgrounds to support you as you launch, transition, and scale.


    I leverage my deep global network for every project and custom-build the appropriate professional team to address your needs. No two projects are the same, and neither are the obstacles you face. I look forward to centering and connecting with you as you work through your next big challenge!

  • Experience

    I've been there at the edge of the major shifts of our time. My range of experience from city planning as a public servant to being a start-up founder, and launching multiple companies. These experiences allow me the skills and range of expertise to support you and your team as you navigate transformational changes. Bridging across sectors and making swift agile shifts to anticipate and troubleshoot with strategies for change and transitions are critical to our partnership.


    Well-versed in measurable business development, strategic partnerships, constituent, and client relationship management, and successful market launch and growth at scale - my operating principles are rooted in bridging underserved communities to necessary resources, capital, and opportunities to thrive. From community engagement, strategy development, and systems and operational design - I meld management strategies with executive scaffolding to add capacity for the major shifts you and your team are facing.


    I support the people behind impactful ideas in art, business, entrepreneurship, investment, and philanthropy to launch, transition, and scale. My clients at làmdi range from facilitating and strategizing for CSR teams at Fortune 100 companies, DEI recruiting to transform the talent pipeline and generational wealth in growth equity and finance, launching books and self-funded campaigns for women of color entrepreneurs, and scaling community-rooted economic transformation initiatives.


    Most recently, I'm supporting intersectional movement building for women in Iran and mobilizing one of the largest media literacy campaigns in the country to address tech and social media's impact on youth and children. In 2021, I collaborated with global partners to evacuate 1,000+ women, families, and children from Kabul as its airport was under attack. At the beginning of the pandemic, I worked with lived-experience individuals, their social workers, community organizers, and subject matter experts in managing national research and community-centered listening sessions to address the disproportionate impact on marginalized communities experiencing homelessness and housing instability from COVID-19.


    I am committed to working toward an equitable future by building cross-system solutions to address our poverty and opportunity gap to grow multi-generational wealth, prosperity, and opportunity — not one-time band-aid salves. The urgency and need of systems, strategies, and leadership across all sectors to adapt, learn and grow at the rate of compounding innovation and technological change makes our work and collaboration more necessary than ever. I look forward to partnering, creating, and building with you as we emerge from the pandemic to rebuild with more cohesive, collaborative systems, economies, and institutions that are responsive, effective, and inclusive for generations to come.

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